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Jordanian Palestinian Dress Abaya THOBE / KAFTAN (Embroidered)

Jordanian Palestinian Dress Abaya THOBE / KAFTAN (Embroidered)

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New Design Palestinian Jordanian Thobe Embroidered Arabic Abaya Eid Dress Top Quality Elegant Cross Stitch Maxi Dress

تصميم جديد الفلسطيني الأردني ثوب مطرز العباءة العربية فستان العيد أعلى جودة أنيقة عبر الابره فستان ماكسي


Nuevo diseño Palestino Jordano Thobe bordado árabe Abaya Eid Vestido maxi de punto de cruz elegante de alta calidad


  • Stylish embroidered dress
  • dress with amazing embroidery art
  • Wide flowy stylish sleeves
  • High quality fabric
  • ♥ LUXURIOUS UNIQUE STYLE AND DESIGN: New style rich embroidery dress, shows your charming taste, unique elegant style. Impress the crowd with this stunning look
  • ♥ WONDERFUL for special events, weddings, bridal showers, henna, gatherings or even a special day out
  • Finest Palestinian and Jordanian Embroidered Dresses Online


Most of the sizes are specified, you must select with the size that best suits your body. In case you have doubts about the size or need to do something specific, please contact us, we have qualified personnel to make your measurement the one you need.

Type1 White With Black

Type2 Red with White


Our fabrics are of the highest quality, designed and embroidered in Jordan and Palestine.

Material :Chiffon cloth

قماش شيفون


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